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sonofa-mumford replied to your post: any words of encouragement for someone…

remember that bad times are just times that are bad (that probably wont help but i was playing animal crossing and katrina said that to me and i was like wow that speaks to me man and i saw this and i feel like that saying applies i guess im v lame)

Remember how sam is my number 1 problematic fave and the only thing that’s problematic is how FAR AWAY SHE LIVES FROM ME


your fave is problematic…hydromatic…ultramatic…
why, it could be greased lightning!

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princesshistoria sent: Even if you fail everything in ur entire life dogs will still love you and that's a huge comfort wow dogs are great

such wise words! (U ´꓃ ` U) everyone should be reminded of this every once in a while

princesshistoria sent: Ah one test won't affect you're future, plus if you do well on everything else you'll be fine! And lots of Teachers do extra credit :)))

ahhhhh yes it’s true. just feeling low today but this really helps!! thank you so much.  


any words of encouragement for someone who may have just failed a big test…?

“An awful lot’s happened but it’s real fun when we’re all together!”


i love gsnk… plz watch it


i love gsnk… plz watch it

Guy: my dick is hard
Girl: to find
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no mutual of mine will have 0 notes on their selfie i gotcha

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