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How to (not) protect you and your beloved from the rain with your school blazer.


And here we have about the sum total of what I remember from two years of Japanese study, including a year in Japan :D

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student: can i borrow a pencil
teacher: i don't know, CAN you?
student: yes, also colloquial irregularities occur frequently in any language and since you and the rest of our present company understood my intended meaning, being particular about the distinctions between "can" and "may" is purely pedantic and arguably pretentious


I haven’t told Eren any of this, but when I see him raise his hand to me, his ring and middle finger down but with the rest of his fingers up, I know I don’t have to.

Because as I return the gesture, raising my own hand, I know that we’ve found something louder than words.

Whole Work

are children small, or just far away?

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If only we could’ve stayed children forever.. I wish I could continue dreaming the dreams I had back then. Hey, Rin, do you remember our dreams from back then?

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For Aomine week!
 Ace (Light/Shadow)


For Aomine week!

Ace (Light/Shadow)


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( source: on pixiv )


taking a break


taking a break


Visual development by Hans Bacher for Mulan (1998)


Do boys even get crushes on girls do boys even like girls do boys even feel things 

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Protect the one thing you want to protect until the end

Artist: Yutaka Yamada

Track: Symphonie
Plays: 29,420

You’ll realize what song this is exactly two minutes in, then you’ll lose your shit. 

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dogs run everywhere around me

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